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Tractor Pumps

Salient Features

  • Used where there is no electricity and power is generated by tractor.
  • Stainless Steel ball bearings on both the sides.
  • Italian technique is used for designing the pump.
  • Available in both 545 RPM as well as 1000 RPM.
  • Anti-corrosive paint for external surfaces.
  • Direct assembly to the tractor PTO shaft.
  • Built meticulously for meeting the growing demands of customers.
  • Compact in size for easy installation in an open well.

Technical Specifications

Head Range (M)

17 – 78 Meters

Discharge Range

2300 – 325 LPM

Power Rating

15 HP – 30 HP

Operating Speed

545-1000 RPM

Sealing Arrangement

Gland Packing

Max Liquid Temp

35 degree Celsius

Drive Power Input

Tactor PTO Shaft

Material of Construction


CI FG 200

Delivery Casing

CI FG 200



Gland Packing

Nylon Asbestos


High Carbon Steel Gear