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LADA, The Most Aspired Submersible Pump Brand

Laxmi Pumps Private Limited

Established in 1991, Laxmi Pumps Private Limited has been producing a range of submersible pumps with great quality and excellent service. A name that shines in the market of submersible pumps is LADA Submersible Pumps. LADA is the brand under which our products are manufactured and marketed. As of today, Laxmi Pumps Pvt. Ltd. manufactures LADA Submersible Pumps exclusively.

Laxmi Pumps Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 company and has received an overwhelming appreciation across the nation for its premium quality pumps. The pumps are manufactured with unparalleled technology and efficient workforce due to which the company has earned the reputation of being the producers of the most reliable and energy efficient pumps.

Our team of industry experts and efficient engineers never hesitate to go the extra mile to create something new, offer 100% satisfactory products to the customers and take this business to new heights. We have always worked hard to deliver the products of the highest quality and novelty and we are glad to continue this tradition endlessly.

We focus on delivering energy efficient pumps that will have optimum performance and less power bill. With a veteran research and development team, we always look forward to presenting something groundbreaking all the time. We focus on making our product more user-friendly, which can undergo customization easily to cater your unique requirement. The company has established the highest standards to ensure the quality of the products, which have become the benchmark in the industry.

As a part of novelty, we have created a team of people that are responsible for the research and development of the products. The implementation of modern technologies like CAD software and flow simulation software further gives us an advantage. Along with that, we have seamlessly integrated IT infrastructure with ERP to ensure the streamlining of the manufacturing processes. The implementation of the cutting-edge management techniques like 5’S’, Kanban, Kaizen etc. augments the production quality and makes us deliver products which are customer-centric.

As a leading submersible manufacturer, we believe an excellent quality product deserves a marketing strategy of the same mettle. With the help of our well-defined strategies, we have been successful in creating a strong presence in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. We have established a nexus of 500 dealers in Maharashtra alone which has made us one of the most sought-after brands.

Our Mission Vision & Core Values


We design, manufacture & service energy efficient water pumps that provide lowest lifecycle cost for agricultural, domestic, industrial & solar based applications through expert team, customized solutions & firm commitment to high quality assurance while focusing on the growth of all the stakeholders.

Core Values

Customer Focus
Sevice Matters


Embracing a culture of excellence and integrity, Laxmi Pumps Pvt. Ltd. aspires to set new global benchmarks in water pumping solutions by providing the most energy efficient, high quality & reliable pumps that exceed customer expectations through relentless innovation & continuous improvement that maximize value for all the stakeholders and propel sustainable growth.

MD Mr. Rajiv Patil

From MD’S Desk

- Mr. Rajiv Patil

Today, Lada Submersible Pumps are the most trusted when it comes to energy efficiency and reliability. We do not compromise on any kind of quality be it quality of product, quality of service or quality of support to our dealers. I am proud to share this achievement with all the members of LADA family. We also take this opportunity to thank our dealers for creating such a trustworthy and revered brand name in the pump market. We shall continuously strive to nurture this interdependent relationship and utilize this to build a better future.

Ethics and Values

We strongly believe that a successful company runs on great ethics and values. We have always tried to follow the ethics and fulfill our promises to the customers, employees, dealers, distributors, and suppliers. We value the associations we have with every entity and individual and we never compromise on it. Our adherence to our ethics and values strengthens our patron’s trust in us and we are proud to say that we will soon be the largest submersible pump manufacturer in India.


When a team works in harmony and has a great rapport, then the success is inbound. At Lada Pumps, we are a close-knit team and always strive to maintain a healthy environment for the employees. We believe that our employees are the strong pillars of our success and deserve the best. Along with the employees, we have always tried to keep great relations with our suppliers. We make sure that they get necessary delivery and the payments on time. We have a deeply-rooted relation with dealers, suppliers and distributors and this bond strengthens the complete product life cycle from manufacturing to after-sales. That is why we always make sure that they get timely delivery of spare parts and of other services if needed. The expertise and experience of our people are the most valuable assets for us and we encourage them to be the best in their work.

  • Quality Policy

    "Laxmi Pumps Pvt. Ltd. maintains a stringent quality policy in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards across all stages of submersible pump operations, including Design, Marketing, Manufacturing and Servicing, and marketing. Our commitment to quality assurance is underscored by continuous improvement practices through active involvement of Employees and a customer-centric approach to ensure Customer satisfaction and exceed expectations."

  • Quality Objectives

    Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations in all aspects of design, manufacturing, and servicing.

    Continuously improve product quality and reliability through research, development, and innovation.

    Reduce defects and rework by implementing robust quality control measures throughout the production process.

    Enhance customer satisfaction by promptly addressing feedback, resolving issues, and exceeding expectations.

    Optimize operational efficiency and resource utilization to deliver high-quality products and services cost-effectively.

    Foster a culture of quality and accountability among employees through training, empowerment, and recognition.

    Establish and maintain effective communication channels with suppliers, partners, and customers to ensure alignment with quality objectives and expectations.

Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil

Our Idol

Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil

An educator, a social worker and a scholar, Karmveer Bhaurao Patil has been the inspiration of our company. Born in Kumboj, Kolhapur, Karmveer Bhaurao Patil has inspired millions of lives in Maharashtra. He was the chief founder of the Rayat Education Society called ‘Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’ that has given the light of hope to millions of students who were deprived of education. The Rayat Shikshan Sanstha works on the principle of ‘Earn and Learn’. Karmveer Bhaurao Patil was loved and respected by people of Maharashtra who gave him a sobriquet – ‘Karmveer’ roughly meaning ‘King of actions’.

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