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At Lada, we have always been abreast with the new technologies and latest manufacturing processes. We believe the change is imminent and we must adapt according to it. That is why we are able to produce submersible pumps of excellent quality; our products are known to be highly efficient in performance thus generating less power bill. We have implemented some important quality measures to ensure quality.

Systematically designed process plays a crucial role in the product life cycle. Our advanced manufacturing processes ensure that our high-quality products are delivered on time. The modern technology like BWays has helped us in producing speedy, state-of-the-art and energy efficient pumps.

To amplify the quality, we have implemented 100% online computerized testing. It ensures fewer mistakes and accurate results.

As a leading submersible pumps manufacturer, we believe our product should last long and have little maintenance. The rotors are grit blasted, so that quality of epoxy coating will improve.

We use heavy-duty hydraulic press machine for creating products that are more superior; our trained workers handle this machinery seamlessly. We have maintained a healthy balance between human intervention and technology.

The varnishing of the stators is done with the help of vacuum impregnation plant to produce more reliable pumps assuring you the enhanced performance of the products.

Our specially created software for mechanical and electrical designs delivers you work that is more sophisticated in lesser turn-around-time.

The stator assembly is done with the help of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining.

The products by Lada are famous for being the most competent Power Saver pumps. The coiling wire is made with CNC coil winding machine. And also the rotor brazing takes place in the induction furnace.

We use progressive die stack assembly of CRNO stamping in SS 202 pipe.

Lada Pumps is known for its futuristic approach to manufacturing. Adhering to our passion for innovation, we have always continued exploring newer arenas in the manufacturing processes and methodologies. Our commitment to innovation brings more convenience to our customers.

Our Special Manufacturing Processes with Highest Quality Measures

  • Newer Manufacturing Processes

    Adopting newer manufacturing processes, technologies & management practices.

  • Modern Technology

    Reliance on the modern technology like Bways which helps in enhancing speed, precision & efficiency of working.

  • Human Touch in Technology

    Meticulously retaining the Human Touch in technology and manufacturing.

  • Software for Designing

    Software for Mechanical and Electrical designs.

  • Quality Control

    Well-equipped Quality Control for incoming and in-process inspection.

  • Progressive Assembly

    Progressive die stack assembly of CRNO stamping is assembled in SS 202 Pipe.

  • Hydraulic Press Machine

    Heavy Duty hydraulic press machine.

  • Stator Assembly

    CNC Machining of stator assembly.

  • 100% Varnishing

    100% varnishing of stators by vacuum impregnation plant.

  • Rotor Brazing

    Rotor Brazing by Induction Furnace.

  • Epoxy Coating

    To improve epoxy coating quality, rotors are grit blasted.

  • Rotor Grinding Process

    Rotor grinding process is carried out with advanced grinding machine to improve RA finish value upto 0.2 micron.

  • Coiling of Wire

    Coiling of wire is made by automatic CNC coil winding machine.

  • Computerized Testing

    100% Online computerized testing of Pump Sets.